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The Tax Workroom Approach

Debbie was very personable and knowledgeable! I would highly recommend Tax Workroom!
— Gigi Tabora

Black and White 

The parts of the tax code that are clearly either acceptable or not acceptable. 


The parts of the tax code that need to be interpreted and grounded in research.  

Anyone can prepare an accurate tax return utilizing the “black and white” of the tax code.  True savings come when successfully navigating the vast area of gray embedded within the code and understanding that tax is assessed as life happens not when you prepare the tax return. 

You may view your return as a stack of receipts, journals entries, and complicated tax forms.  We view the tax return as an expression of your life.  A coded snapshot of your story.   The outcome of your return, whether a refund or balance due, is the result of the choices you make as you navigate daily living. 

We approach your tax return with a wide lens.  We want to know your story so that we can help you achieve your dreams by navigating the complicated world of income taxes. 

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Why choose Tax Workroom?

It’s simple.  You matter. 

Tax Workroom understands that you are singular, and your tax needs are unique to you.  Anyone can prepare a tax return by applying the same basic rules, the black and white, from one client to the next, but few take the time to tailor the experience, to work in the gray, to fit your unique situation. 

Tax Workroom is different.  We are accessible.  We listen.  We encourage.  We coach.  We work for you educating, planning, and preparing all while rooting for you to achieve your dreams! 

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Tax Workroom Services



You must understand the possibilities. 

Before you can begin to tax advantage of all the savings the tax code has to offer, you must understand the possibilities and the potential pitfalls of the possibilities because ultimately you are responsible for your return.  We at Tax Workroom enjoy educating our clients on ways to find savings in the gray of the tax code. 

We understand that everyone learns differently, so we give you bits of information to inform you through lecture series, a tax column, blog posts, social media, and in person planning sessions. 


We listen to your story and tailor a plan that fits your goals. 

We believe that tax planning is so important to you that we give our tax clients a free one-hour planning session each year.  We also encourage you to call or email us throughout the year when life events may impact your tax planning goals.  This helps avoid surprises come tax time. 

Available May 1st - December 31st.


Think Gray!

We put your story into motion taking advantage of all the credits and deductions that are allowed. 

It is impossible to maximize your refund or minimize your tax liability if we don’t know you and your story.  The more we know your story, the more we can help find ways to save. 

Anyone can prepare a tax return utilizing the “black and white” of the tax code, but true savings come when successfully navigating the vast area of gray embedded within the tax code.


For those times your story gets called into question  by the Internal Revenue Service by way of audit letters or in-person audits, Tax Workroom will represent you before the IRS to defend your story. 


So what is your fee?

We are proud to offer transparent pricing.  

By answering a few simple questions, you will have a price quote.  We love our clients and reward client loyalty.  While the price of your tax return may change as your life changes, your price card will never change while you work with us!  What does that mean?  As our prices increase year to year, your prices will be based on the prices published the year you first had us prepare your return. 

And yes, when we offer a discount, it is available to new and current clients alike…it’s our way of saying thanks! 

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Tax preparation by Debbie Freeman, Tax Workroom
I highly recommend Debbie for all of your tax needs. She is incredibly pleasant, easy to talk with, knowledgeable, and above all professional.
— Samantha Graser

Hello, I'm Debbie Freeman.


I know it sounds crazy, but I love the tax code and I want to learn your story, so I can find ways to help you save on the tax return. 

I opened Tax Workroom in 2016 to create a business that goes beyond offering great services at fair prices: 

  • I want to encourage you to dream.

  • I want to help you formulate a plan to achieve your dreams.

  • I want to educate you on tax issues and help you understand the complicated world of income tax.

  • I want to have an invigorating work environment.

  • I want to give back to our great community.

  I hope you will join me on this journey. 



Debbie Freeman


My Story

I graduated from Windsor High (yep, Vermont!) a year early and moved to the Sunshine State (you got it, Florida) where I spent 18 years splashing around in the ocean and forging a future in antiques and art because my friends felt my true passion for accounting was too dull (they obviously don't know the nature of the tax business). 

In 2009 I sold my home and had no plan of where to live or what to do next.  I had always had a dream to live in an Airstream, so I threw caution to the wind, bought an Airstream and traveled with my two dogs (Diesel and Daisy) selling at outdoor antique shows.  When I found myself in Vermont, I fell in love with the area as an adult and decided to pursue my passion for numbers. 

Tax planning and preparation is not so different from purchasing and selling antiques.  It’s all about the story, the numbers and how the story is told!